Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Hey. Here's a thought. Stuff changes. I know. Thank you.

So I was visiting Mum - the dementia addled, mainly deaf, partially sighted Mum who is now in residential care.

And we had a weird hour together.

At one point she mumbled and I made the mistake of saying 'Pardon'. She then said 'You what?' We disappeared into a black whole of frustrated courtesy.

And after she finally understood that it was me who hadn't heard her she had forgotten what it was she had mumbled.

But, remarkably aged 88, she can read, even without her glasses. So I wrote a few things down and she understood.

So now I have a new plan. Monday's 'Things to do' list now includes writing a letter to Mum. One side of A4 and 14 point font makes 250 words including the addresses. Not overly demanding. But possibly restoring communication.

We'll see.

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