Thursday, December 03, 2015

Booze Cruise?

Last Saturday's Guardian Money headlined the advantages of the booze cruise and the bargains to be had.

One of its examples was a Chilean Sauvignon Blanc, £6.50 in M and S and £1.30 in Pidou, Calais. What a bargain.

Hang on a second. Or, for ever.

If a bottle of wine can be sold for £1.30 and merchant, distributor, bottler and vineyard all make some money - what is the value of the contents? No more than 30p I'd warrant and that is generous of me.

Now I like a good Sauvignon Blanc but I like to taste something more than the chill. And despite my lack of ability in the tasting department I like to know that the contents are not doing me harm. At 30p a bottle I am not wholly convinced.


Kevin Webb said...

And don't forget the Duty too

James said...

Not how it goes, Rev. Everyone loses money on it, but the alternative is to pour it down the drain and earn nothing.

(My mother lives not far from Bergerac and has many friends who are wine makers. There have been years in the recent past where AOC wine was being sold at a euro a bottle)