Saturday, November 21, 2015

Disposable Poetry

Last night at Café Create we revived the poetry challenge competition so I could win it. Here is the task. A poem about ketchup to include the words:

Naughty dog

And here is the winning entry. Will take humility pills later.


Without sauce the taste of pork would
Almost certainly be awkward
Nothing red the bacon kissing
Bland and dry - there's something missing

If unadorned with sauce you ate it
You'd be discombobulated
Cowering like a naughty dog
Beneath a tasteless lump of hog

A BLT is posh nosh sarnie
But if you don't wish for a barney
To reach for sauce is automatic
Makes your butty charismatic

You bash and shake and hit and dent the
Gravity-hating condiment
I think it don't need to be proved
That all this leaves the sauce unmoved

You want a spot, you get a dollop
Hits your breakfast with a wallop
Not a pretty red-smeared tranche
It poured down like an avalanche

Which is why you all know the ditty
Long ago from some far city
'Tomato ketchup shake the bottle
None will come and then the lot'll.'

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