Thursday, October 08, 2015

Ministry Tips 151-175

151. Putters & leavers. Putters find things where they put them. Leavers wonder where they left them. Thanks @RonJichardson 
152. 'Ideas have wings' (Anita Roddick). Talk about things lots before writing down. These days, treat social media as talking.
153. Do everything as if an expert in the field is watching, or may walk in on you.
154. You don't have to visit all the sick - just make sure the sick get visited.
155. You are allowed no more than two 'rebuke' sermons a year. One or none is better.
156. One sermon a year on stewardship is enough unless you offer a short series on different aspects. Only one on money.
157. To engender guilt in a congregation try saying 'You do not take prayer seriously enough' in some form.
158. However hard you try most ordinary people will not understand the clergy's relationship with free time.
159. Interns, placement students and visitors will ask you great questions. Listen to them and thank them.
160. Everything needs fixing. Best to do it before it's broken.
161. Re-organisation is the illusion of progress.
162. Tradition is the illusion of permanence. (Woody Allen)
163. Try and avoid too many sermon illustrations that accidentally ostracise single people.
164. Pray for people more often than when they are sick.
165. Always review everything. It's the first part of planning.
166. Pioneers have the gift of not fitting in. (Jonny Baker) Try not to make them. There's gold in them there hills.
167.  You can do a legal wedding in about seven minutes; everything else is a cultural preference.
168. If you are punctual leave the seats near the door for those who are not. Thanks for reminder Jeremy Fletcher.
169. Keep sentences short and avoid too many three syllable words in communication which sells your organisation.
170. Vicarage decorating is work.
171. When fixing a pastoral appointment tell people how long they have got.
172. Prepare a couple of emergency assemblies.
173. Try and have as few things as possible you object to at weddings and funerals.
174. Try and make a Sunday the last day of your holiday rather than the first.
175. #ministrytip 7 applies to your email inbox too.

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