Thursday, September 17, 2015

Art Questions

I love this mug. I love it because it came from a lovely shop my wife worked at full of quirky Italian ceramics and with interesting staff who could hold a conversation. I love it because it is the right size, not too fat not too thin not too short not too tall. I love it because it has two colours and they are black and white.

I don't love it because it has a black and white image of a piece of classical art on it and indeed have never paid any attention to the detail. I love it in the way one might love a great tune and only notice the lyrics several years later.

I love it because it is twenty years old and therefore family.

A few years ago I was talking to a guy at a large restaurant table and, although we both knew we were playing opposite sides in order to find the truth, we did it in such a way that the other eight occupants of the table all found other things to do and left.

The topic was art snobbishness. He took the view that we needed to be guided by people who understood art in order to keep standards up. I think Jack Vettriano was the artist who started the argument. He is much loved by many non-experts and derided by the opposite.

I think I took the view that if someone wanted a picture because they were seeking a particular shade of blue to complete a room's decor then why shouldn't they.

So this is an arty mug. But that is not why I like it.

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Anonymous said...

Does it have a handle?