Saturday, July 18, 2015

Ministry Tips 51-75

51. Take parcels in for neighbours. You are around during the day. It makes up for your visitors parking across their drives.
52. Be sure you have understood the question. If in doubt, repeat it before answering it.
53. If faced with criticism try 'What precisely is it that is worrying you?'
54. If you are an introvert, check that you said 'Thank you' aloud. If you are an extrovert, check that you meant it.
55. Hospitality prevents hunger, dirt, discomfort and tiredness from spoiling the conversation.
56. Find out what radio stations your parishioners listen to and, even if they are not your bag, listen to them occasionally.
57. Every now and again buy a copy of every newspaper and compare.
58. If you have a reputation for awkwardness get things done by asking for the opposite of what you want (a friend told me).
59. @RevJFletcher 'Rules for Reverends' (BRF 2013) has good stuff in. It's funnier than this and Dave Walker done pictures.
60. Try and tell people what you think you just heard them say.
61. Remember that if you ever feel arrogant enough to be able to write ministry tips you will be held accountable to them.
62. It feels weird to be paid to pray but it is rather that you are compensated for not having a job in order to pray more.
63. When people say, 'You only work on Sundays' agree and laugh. Don't get defensive.
64. Beyond safety, don't have ridiculous expectations of tied housing.
65. Vicarage gardening is work.
66. When you stand up in front of any group of people, tell them who you are if you haven't been introduced.
67. Ministers get treated as very minor celebrities. This means being willing to be humiliated sometimes. Be OK with that.
68. If you ever think your life is tough remember that Randy Vickers really exists and is ordained.
69. Bishops get to speak the truth to power; most of us get to speak the truth to the powerless.
70. Remember these are not #ordainedministrytip or #professionalministrytip - anyone can join in.
71. Don't form a church badminton club if there is an existing one in town.
72. The welcomers should be in the car-park, whatever the weather.
73. If driving across a drawbridge into a palace for a ministerial review doesn't make you laugh you are in the wrong job.
74. If you have a personal freshness problem you will probably be the last to know. Ask someone you trust, from time to time.
75. Hospitality happens at the convenience of the guests, not the hosts.

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