Wednesday, July 15, 2015

1970s Rock primer

After a brief Twitter exchange last week a few of us got to wondering what eight tracks might best introduce someone to 1970s rock. Given that we then came up with a possible eight different sub-genres of rock (in the seventies - there are more now) here is a suggestion for a primer in the decade. Comments welcome, and indeed, expected.

Pub rock
Steve Gibbons - Johnny Cool

Prog rock
Yes - Roundabout

Rock and Roll
Quo - Rockin' All Over the World

Heavy Metal
Black Dog - Led Zeppelin

Fleetwood Mac - Don't Stop

Doobie Brothers - Pursuit on 53rd Street

Brinsley Schwarz - Surrender to the Rhythm

Rory Gallager - Tattooed Lady

Anticipating that this will cause more debate than theological posts.


Kevin Webb said...

I think I'd have Genesis - Supper's Ready for Prog. It feels like Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells should be in there too, but I'm not sure what category it would fit under

Rich R said...

Great! Swap Quo for just about anything from Thin Lizzy live album and you're there

Steve Tilley said...

Good idea Rich. How about 'Don't Believe a Word'? One of the finest two minute songs ever.