Thursday, June 04, 2015

Thought for the Day

As delivered at BBC Radio Bristol this morning:

A clergy friend of mine posted on Facebook at the weekend. 'If this post gets 100 likes I will preach wearing a bikini.'

His post was followed shortly by a note-to-self not to leave his mobile phone lying around in church.

219 likes so far and rising rapidly. I'll let you know.

But here we go. A warm, dry June day is on the cards. Scimpy clothing weather although maybe not for preachers on duty.

But I wonder? Are you the sort of person whose mood responds to the weather forecast; or do you take each day as it comes whatever the conditions?

Do you tune in to the spirit world better in a thunderstorm, a heatwave or on a dull day?

I spent several years as a child in Birmingham looking forward to my one week holiday in Weston-super-Mare. In those days it was at least a three hour drive and I'm sure my sister and I moaned, 'Are we nearly there yet?' every ten minutes or so.

One of the sure signs we were nearly there was driving across Clifton Downs and then dropping down to the gorge and passing under the suspension bridge.

Well it's a warm and sunny Thursday morning and I've driven in the opposite direction of my childhood dreams to be here. The weekend weather is promising. We are 'nearly there' in flaming June.

The Bible tells us God can use weather effects to communicate. But watch out if he doesn't speak through the earthquake, wind or fire. There may be a still small voice of calm whispering in your ear. It may not be telling you to display your flesh in the pulpit, but do try and listen to it.

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