Friday, November 28, 2014

Not liver but Allen keys

A while back I posted about a strange set of circumstances in which things had gone wrong. Read it at

It involved a particular person turning up at one of my Quiet Days brandishing a bag of liver. No, really.

So yesterday the same person told us at lunchtime that he had decided to go for a cycle during the first period of quiet. But, getting on his bike, he reached into the pocket of his coat and found a set of keys he did not recognise. After a bit of a ponder he realised that he was wearing the wrong coat. One of the other guests had a similar one.

He swapped coats and all was well.

At going home time my bike-riding guest said that If I happened to find a particular Allen key around the house it was he who had lost it. At which point (are you there yet?) the coat-swap victim suggested 'Have you looked in my coat pocket?' He did, and there it was. We all chuckled, knowingly.

What will live with me for a while is the look on the face of the person who had come to fetch one of my guests and joined us for a cuppa. 'What sort of a meeting is this?' his expression asked, without words.

We didn't say, immediately. Better to leave the mystery sometimes.

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