Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mick's Metaphor of (possibly) the Decade

This blog has, from time to time, posted language into the car-crusher and smoked the remains. Fair enough. None of us is perfect. But this interview with Portsmouth FC's Chief Executive Mark Catlin had me reaching for the calculator to count the metaphors. He is discussing the club's early settling of its debts. See if you can continue to visualise what he is saying, and in particular which direction the club is going:

'Pompey is completely legacy debt free but that is just the start ... It is a fantastic achievement and a weight hanging over the club since coming out of administration 18 months ago has been removed. We are at ground zero now. This club was in a crater and we are out of that now with foundations built. The club has turned itself around and got itself on a level playing field. We are debt free and keep moving forward and progressing, never taking our eye off the ball. It is important we stay under the microscope and cannot allow ourselves to go to that level again.'

(As told to the Portsmouth News and reported by The Guardian, today)

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