Tuesday, September 23, 2014


The title of this post is what my predicted text thinks the Gideons should be called. On the basis of a letter my colleagues and I received today I am tempted to agree.

You may recall that the Gideons are the folk who put Bibles in prisons, hotels and hospitals. I suspect their usefulness is coming to an end given that it is possible to get a free Bible app on most modern mobile phones. But they don't give up.

Their Bibles include a very conservative guide to reading them. The text isn't really allowed to speak for itself.

But the main problem my colleagues and I have with their invitation to nominate potential reps to come to a breakfast meeting is that the invitation is to think of men, who may bring their wives if they wish.

Our brief discussion, which ended in fits of laughter, involved pondering upon whether men in civil partnerships would be welcome. And if that isn't biblical enough for Gideons then perhaps I will take eight wives and some concubines. And Abishag the Shunamite - if she's available. Thoroughly biblical, that.

Hideous. In this day and age.


Anonymous said...

It's so easy to mock, isn't it? Easy to denigrate the ministry if others just because they gave a different style. Shame on you.

Steve Tilley said...

Thanks for the comment. Perhaps rather than anonymously calling me a mocker you would like to defend the organisation's sexism and relevance. If you could convince me by debate then I would retract.

Anonymous said...

No point Fr Tilley. Liberals are so intolerant...they never retract!

Steve Tilley said...

It's so easy to mock, isn't it?