Friday, August 29, 2014

Daft Sayings

This morning I'd like to nominate 'If it ain't broke don't fix it' as the most unhelpful expression ever tossed about by politicians. I've heard it a few times from the Darling mob (although not from him to be fair) and it is a recipe for disaster. Now I am not saying that devolution is definitely the answer - although it would be for an independent, non-unionist England I would vote if given a chance. Yes I know that would stick the Labour Party in the doldrums short term but we would sort it out eventually.

No, my problem is this. A far better mantra is 'Everything needs fixing'. It is the model of ministry I have worked with for the last twenty years at least. Things that are going well need as much attention as things that are broken.

Successful home groups need to multiply before they become too big for individuals to contribute.

Successful churches need to plant new ones or add congregations before they are too full.

Great youth ministries with a good team of leaders need to recruit more before the existing ones stand down.

Good preachers train, read and practice.

Complex bell-curve diagram drawn by me
And so on, and so on...

So it is pretty clear that, whatever the outcome of the Scottish referendum, there will be roughly 40-49% of the population who did not get what they wanted. And that will need fixing.

There is a bell-shaped curve to competence.

Starting out
Over the hill

All tasks and ministries and organisations follow it. Just before it peaks is the best time to intervene to improve.

If it ain't broke; fix it.

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