Thursday, May 29, 2014

What Depresses You?

A dishwasher engineer recently failed, after three goes, to fix my machine and referred me to the manufacturer. Then a helpful engineer from same fixed my dishwasher. Overnight exactly the same fault which had presented before reoccurred. Washing up by hand the kitchen drain, previously fixed on three separate occasions, overflowed. I phoned the dishwasher engineer, who had left me a mobile number. It was one digit too short.

In town, shopping for lunch for my nine Quiet Day visitors, a person I often see on a Thursday morning asked 'Is it your day off?' I explained as politely as I could why I was allowed out to the supermarket on a working day and why I shopped last minute for the event I was running (because numbers often change quite late).

Arriving home the phone rang. One of my guests I had just purchased lunch for, cancelling. Then a guest arrived with the news that another person couldn't come. I shopped an hour too soon.

These things depress me. Not clinically. Just get me down. Broken appliances. Wasted food. Waiting in for four hours for people who can't do the thing you're waiting in for.

Dishwasher needs a new part. From Germany. Fitting appointment is June 10th now.

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