Saturday, May 17, 2014


'A clock that strikes thirteen is not only wrong once: it also casts doubt on all further teaching from the same source.' One of my College Principal Colin Buchanan's favourite put-downs, usually delivered to the very soul of its victim.

I'm going to be a bit rude in this post but the death threats will all be metaphorical. I'm not that kind of enemy.

Now, onwards. I doubt very much if there are many in front of me in the queue to deliver darts to the heart of our Education Secretary. If there are they can probably hear my voice saying 'Let me through I'm a vicar.' I want, at least, to deliver the last rites: 'Get out of the way.'

So I vaguely dismiss comments Michael Gove MP is reported as saying. They wash over me. I expect them. They may be misquotes but that smoke, fire thing has some truth to it.

And yet sometimes I notice. Can't help it. Could an Education Secretary really be that obnoxious?

So here is my question. When he slags off School Governors as becoming a '...sherry pouring, cake slicing exercise in hugging each other and singing Kumbayah' (Source - Daily Telegraph of all places), to whom is he speaking? And which ones has he been observing?

There won't be many wanting to become school governors if that is how they are to be summarised. There won't be many currently serving who will want to extend their stay. I conclude that he is speaking to his friends. How small an audience is that?

The man is a disaster. A barely sentient, unobservant, rude, selfish mate of some important people who has been allowed to play at schools. I have never despised an Education Secretary as much.

You may like to know that my spell checker changed my poor attempt at spelling Governors to Gove errors. I rest my case and am off for a lie down with cake, sherry and some 1920s spiritual music. Yeah right.

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RuthJ said...

This is the first time I have ever heard sherry and kumbayah mentioned in the same breath. Suggest the guy needs a breathaliser.