Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Live Below the Line

If you haven't visited here before I am a well off, middle class clergyman. I live with my wife and have enough money for food never to be a problem, I can choose what to eat, eat out regularly and if I spoil something in the cooking can do it again.

We have decided to try and live for five days on just £1 each per day. This has involved careful planning, shopping and portion control. Breakfast porridge is being weighed. Sugar is in sachets from the supermarket where we get a free coffee each day (but don't take sugar).

We have a pint of milk only for the week, a small block of cheese and a few fresh veggies. Lots of carbs (pasta, oats, rice and pulses) but little protein. Six apples for the week. Also six eggs.

Obviously no chocolate or alcohol can be afforded. Working from home in a house with a wine stock and chocolate in the cupboard is a bit tough.

It's been an interesting couple of days. Not having the luxury of spare cash for even a biscuit between meals I have found myself thinking of biscuits far more than usual. This is all part of the reverse psychology going on I think. I have just enjoyed a plenty big-enough meal of a Spanish omelette with fresh herbs, some peas and bread and knocked up a home made biscuit to follow. But an hour later I am hungry. There is no reason why I should be.

Today we celebrated a colleague's farewell with four glasses of sparkling water, which she bought, at a local pub. There will never be a totally convenient time to have a Live Below the Line week but an austerity leaving do felt hard.

The photograph is of today's breakfast. Boiled egg on toasted home made bread with a free coffee.

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