Friday, April 25, 2014

Live Below the Line

So me and Mrs T (previously referred to as Mrs Mustard and Mrs WWA, which is the problem of changing the blog's name) are tackling the Live Below the Line challenge next week, Monday to Friday.

The aim is to live on £1 a day each for food and give away what you would normally spend. Thank God it isn't wine delivery week. I will be posting some thoughts along the way.

First observation is how much time and research it all takes. How much easier to simply pop into Iceland and buy 40 fish fingers for £2. I have deliberately tried to make the week's meals interesting and tasty. Protein is a problem. Cheap carbs are easy. Five a day is almost impossible.

I have also resisted the urge to drive to Clevedon where there are cheaper supermarkets. Walking distance has been my benchmark.

I am struggling with what to do about a long-standing lunch invitation on Tuesday. I may keep it as it is an important friendship and a colleague's leaving do. I will eat frugally and avoid alcohol.

I think I will solve my caffeine withdrawal by easing off over the weekend and having a free one in Waitrose each day (so middle class). Will bring some sugar sachets home to help the porridge along.

Also going to head out looking for wild garlic and other edible leaves.

Someone once said that a good sex life takes 5% of your time. A bad one takes all your time.

It is true of food poverty too. I have spent far more time thinking about food this week than usual. Which is a good thing.

Apologies to the gang at Riverford from whom I have had to cancel my weekly delivery.


David said...

Try Watercress Wood for wild garlic

Steve Tilley said...

It was part of the plan.