Saturday, April 19, 2014

Good Friday

If it is true that the cross makes a difference to everybody and everything then the 'last-hour' gathering we have enjoyed at Holy Trinity, Nailsea these last few years has been an amazing opportunity for me to curate (I think that is the right word) a worship activity. Here, juxtaposing old words and new music, we allow ourselves to be trapped in watching and waiting with only our thoughts for company. Across the reaches of time we hear a voice asking those of us who are unhappy in the silence, or with the choice of music, whether we could not watch and pray with him for just an hour.

And so this year we listened to:

Beginnings by Junip
Dream of the Rood by Erland and the Carnival
After the Ordeal by Genesis

All bookended by one of Eno's wonderful ambient soundscapes and with Josh Howard's knack for finding appropriate visuals to lift everything.

Numbers have fallen off dramatically this year, perhaps because we have another opportunity for alternative worship in the evening and a 'proper' meditation at 9.00 a.m. and so it may be the case that a new breath of life is needed into this next year.

If this has been my last one, it's been a privilege.


RuthJ said...

Didn't make it to the afternoon session but the evening's alternative worship was a superb experience. You may be right and we are spoilt for choice - two opportunities for all-age worship as well as those you cite. It could be interesting to look at total number of worshippers rather than those at any one service. But anyway we are very privileged to have so much on offer.

Anonymous said...

For some reason numbers seemed to be less at all the events. (Though I don't know about the meditation.) Maybe the timing of Easter and the school holidays made a difference.