Thursday, April 03, 2014

Estate Agent, Nanny, Thief

A game, totally lacking in Christian sensitivity or political correctness (I know, I know), for those who like people-watching and wandering round unfamiliar towns.

Choose three random occupations.

As you pass people in the street you have to decide which of the three they are most likely to follow. You cannot ignore people. Everyone you pass has to be compartmentalised.

The game ends either when a) you are laughing so much you cannot continue or b) you pass someone to whom all three occupations could equally apply, in which case a) normally applies, or c) you change towns.

At this point start again with three new occupations. The person who contributed two of the three in the previous game may only contribute one in the next round.

Taken from a line in a Tom Robinson song, 'Prostitute, Pansy or Punk?' is a particular amusing round.

The game is named after the three jobs we used the first time we ever played the game. It was in Tunbridge Wells.

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