Thursday, January 23, 2014

Social Media Frenzy

Yesterday was a bit silly as a load of media outlets, starting with the Daily Telegraph, picked up the Social Media pieces we published a few weeks ago. They ended up being featured in the Huffington Post, the Independent and on local and national radio.

The documents are on the Bath and Wells web pages. The first is their Nine Commandments for Using Social Media written by Gillian and the communications team at The Old Deanery. The second is Top 10 Tips for using social media positively, written by me.

The first is about precautions and safe-guarding. The second is about how to join in if you want to. Both aimed at beginners.

It was interesting to watch the progress of the story as it got picked up by Twitter. Pretty soon a mistake crept in, attributing the whole of the writing to me, which I had to keep correcting as others picked it up and simply repeated it.

That's social media for you.

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