Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Radio Bristol Thought for the Day Today

You will have heard the complaint, 'It's not fair'. We seem designed with a sense of justice. I ought to get the same deal as my brother or sister.

It starts with 'He's got more on his plate than me' or 'She got a bigger slice of cake'. It ends with... (beat) well where does it end?

Why has a city the size of Bristol no football team in the top tiers while Liverpool and Manchester have two Premiership teams each? One of our teams is even struggling financially. It's not fair.

Your village has flood defences. Mine hasn't. Not fair.

Jesus told a curious story about a man who recruited labourers. The guy offered a fair wage to those who signed up at dawn but then paid the same to people who only worked half a day. Likewise some guys who only did an hour. Cue chorus. Not fair.

Jesus was explaining that it doesn't matter when you start to be godly. At the beginning of life, the middle or the end. It's all the same reward.

He was also saying that if the people who worked all day got what they had agreed, what was it to them that the hirer was generous to late-comers?

Maybe you might think how you can invest time or money in your local football team or your local community. Can you give something to make life fairer for others? You may enjoy it.

My response to my sons those years ago was, 'Which do you want, a fair life, or a fun one?' I treated them often. But not always both at once. I tried to be fair, but think I may have been quite a frustrating father.

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