Sunday, January 19, 2014


When it is a fine day I feel some sense of an urge to get out and enjoy the lovely part of the world where I live. But the tilley is a timid creature that prefers the indoors and so is delighted, on return from the gym followed by the odd bit of provision shopping, to have an excuse to lock the door and do the ironing whilst catching up on a couple of episodes of Breaking Bad (on season four), last night's football, a movie and some new music. Also to find time to do a bit of piano practice. And maybe supper out.

New music is the newest Steve Mason album, which I bought having heard him live last November, called Monkey Minds in the Devil's Time. Incredibly good.

I enjoyed Wolf People's Fain and so I raided their back catalogue and got hold of Steeple from 2010. Fain felt a bit Wishbone Ashy with lyrics from Traffic's all-dance-round-a-stone-circle-during-a-solstice period. Steeple has a track which is pure Jethro Tull but none the worse for that.

Time for an episode of The News Room before bed.

That was how I spent my time off this week.

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