Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Sometimes I join in conversations in the gym changing rooms but there is a particular bunch of people who brandish views so extremely stupid that I stay quietly in the corner, overhearing. I should have recorded this one from Monday morning. I have done my best with the transcription below. We'll call them Harry and Ron.

Harry: Who won that Sports Personality of the Year last night?

Ron: I don't know. I never watch it.

Harry: I know what you mean. It goes on for ever and then they wheel out a load of old has-beens like Ted Dexter.

Ron: It's all gone too American with that keeping you waiting until they announce the winner.

Harry: Trouble with the BBC is it's all run by lefties. They're either commies or socialists.

Ron: Do you ever watch Al Jazeera?

Harry: No.

Ron: You ought to. If you've got Freeview it's on about 82 or thereabouts. It's Arab but I'll say this for them, they give both sides. Not like the bloody BBC.

Harry. Did you see that thing about the university wanting to allow segregated seating.

Ron: Yeah but Cameron's come out against that.

Harry: I read the Daily Mail and I tell you what, it makes me want to cut my throat some mornings.

I write fiction sometimes. I wouldn't have dared make this up.

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