Monday, December 09, 2013

MP's Pay

I presume that one of the things that might lead someone to become an MP is the view that they can use money wisely. So they get to spend tax, or 'our money' as we might call it.

And concerned about the bad publicity over expenses and the fact that they were required to debate their own pay every time a salary review came up they decided to appoint a more independent body to do this. Seems OK so far.

Turns out though that, in a period when they do not want to be seen to take a big pay rise, the independent body compares their salary with others and awards them one. A whopper.

Here's two thoughts.

Firstly, MPs are office-holders with duties. They are free to obtain gainful employment elsewhere also. Directorships are often taken. So there might need to be a downwards adjustment for this.

Secondly, and I think most brilliantly, if they are better than everyone else at using money, why don't they take it and then tell us how wisely they used it. They could employ people. They could invest in small businesses. They could give it to Christmas charities.

There is a distinct lack of imagination at Westminster right now. All everyone there seems to want to do is to say what people want to hear. Someone break the logjam.

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