Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Album of the Year

Time to award my album of the year prize (no more than goodwill and the sound of one hand clapping). Good display this year from:

Bonobo - Late Night Tales
Lovely selection of low-fi, chill-down stuff spoiled by having a long spoken word track at the end. Even if it was Benedict Cumberbatch reading an original story I never want to hear it again.
DaftPunk  - Random Access Memories
Great pop and deserved the accolades it got.
Foals - Holy Fire
I like the idea of maths-rock but this was mainstream maths-rock. Clever.
Iron and Wine - Ghost on Ghost
Clever song-writing and lyrically brilliant.
Junip - Junip
Jose Gonzales band. You know what to expect. If you don't, buy everything he has done. Now.
Post War Years - Galapagos
Brilliant young band from the Leam make enormous progress into mainstream. Hope 2014 is their year.
But for sheer unadulterated creativity, originality and versatility - there are not many albums I put on repeat - my prize goes to:
JagaJazzist - Live with Britten Sinfonia

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