Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Thought for the Day October 21st 2013

Well that was fun and it's only 9.15 a.m. Left home at 7.55 and heard traffic news of an accident  on the A370 causing twenty minute delays. Looked across at the Long Ashton by-pass from the Bristol Road to see if the queue was yet tailing back to Farleigh. It wasn't. Joined the by-pass. Came to a halt on the slip road and moved two miles in next forty-five minutes.

I became part of the Radio Bristol traffic news and here is Thought for the Day as delivered from a lay-by half an hour ago.

Are you baptised? What do you remember of your baptism? Chances are, if you were baptised as an infant, you recall little.

Today a special child will be baptised in a special ceremony by a special priest. Prince George will be baptised by Archbishop Justin in The Chapel Royal at St James' Palace.

Within the Christian church baptism is still a controversial topic.

Some say you can only include children in the household of faith by baptising them. Others that a baptism must involve a statement of faith, from the mouth of the person being baptised, so it is a grown-up thing.

Some say it can be done by sprinkling with water; others that it should involve immersion.

Some say it should be public; others that private, or at least restricted invitation such as today's, is OK.

Some say it has to be of believers; others that everyone is a member of the established church and can partake whether church-goers or not.

Some call the ceremony for a child 'christening'; others 'infant baptism'.

Frankly, there are problems with both sides in each position.

I can imagine some of you saying, 'Why on earth can't the church get its act together?' There is a simple answer. The church, like the rest of the world, contains human beings (beat) who disagree with each other.

I recall words of wisdom given to me as a young man. If you find a perfect church don't join it. You'll only spoil it.

I pray that the Royal Family have a great day. And that Prince George grows up to proclaim the truths made today on his behalf.

Wouldn't life be dull if it was any other way?

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