Friday, September 06, 2013

Sausage Sandwich Game

I have posted before about how 'one with brown and bacon' was a school tuck-shop order. Since then I have to say that a sausage sandwich as a late breakfast, followed by some fruit, has been my comfort food of choice at the start of a day.

I have, over the years, been assembling the ingredients for this meal with diligence, seeking the perfect combination. Here's the current favourite.

1. Go to the Forest of Dean and ask your friend Richard to walk round to the neighbouring pig farm with you and select a beast. Wait a few months and then have the animal butchered and bagged. Select two small sausages. In this recipe 'small' means by comparison with the other sausages, not with any sausages you have previously experienced.

2. Go to Nailsea market of a Tuesday and ask the lovely Colin for a campouille. It is a round loaf with some rye flour in it. Freeze it, if you are not eating your sandwich on that Tuesday.

3. Buy a pack of Waitrose slow-matured sweet back bacon. Select one rasher.

4. Also purchase a bottle of Wilkin and Sons Tiptree brown sauce. After years of tests I have concluded that this is the only one to give HP a run for its money.

5. Collect and defrost ingredients.

6. Cut loaf in half. Then two further swishes of your blade will produce two slices, one from either side of the centre.

7. Grill sausages for 16 minutes giving a quarter-turn every 4. Add bacon after 8 and turn after 4.

8. Cut cooked sausages in half lengthways and lay flat side down on slice of bread. Place bacon on top and dribble with sauce. Cover with other slice of bread and cut whole sandwich in half.

Cost, about £50 including petrol. Preparation time 8-9 months. Available in our restaurant once retired from current day job.

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