Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thought for the Day

After recovering from presenter Steve's suggestion that I might make a good partner for Vanessa Feltz on Celebrity Come Dancing (I not celebrity; I can't dance) I recovered my composure to deliver this shameless plug for Trendlewood Community Festival oops, I mean thought:
It is coming to the end of festival season. Why do we love festivals so?
Well, do you remember the days when neighbours could chat over the garden fence? Many people have never experienced that.
For 14 years of my life I lived in a Victorian terraced house where all the rear gardens had low walls. From April to October if you popped into the back, however briefly, you normally ended up talking to someone. We had a sense of community.
Now I live on a new-build estate in Nailsea and the houses are deliberately designed that this won't happen. No-one overlooks anyone else. I could sunbathe naked in the garden and be in more danger of discovery by Google Earth than the neighbours.
But at the recent royal wedding, then diamond jubilee, local street parties were a success. As long as someone got organising, folk were happy to pitch in and enjoy food, drink and a chat.
So this year residents of my part of Nailsea have decided to organise something bigger. The Trendlewood Community Festival this Saturday is a brave attempt by a few people to get everyone together in a part of town with few natural meeting places.
Although church members have put energy into it, it's not a church event. It's to acknowledge that, gospel message or not, getting people meeting and talking together makes the world better. Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd.
Thing is, biblical crowds were gathered to a food-multiplying Messiah. Our crew need to sell tickets, burgers and drinks. Mind you, Jesus never had five a side football. Or a bouncy castle. See some of you there?

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