Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Nailsea Uganda Water Project

.Since I spent quite a long time on the home page of the Woodspring Conservative Association web-site in 2010, apparently showing warmth and enthusiasm to the Conservative candidate, and having had to live with the large amount of abuse that this engendered from my friends who felt my political impartiality was shot, I gladly reproduce a picture I have been sent of said candidate, now my MP, embracing the Nailsea Uganda Water Project. Why didn't we order red sweat-shirts? Or even funnier, yellow? This, by the way, is our former Defence Secretary, the Eurosceptic, Atlanticist, Unionist, Thatcherite Dr Liam Fox MP. We have so much in common, both being carbon-based humanoid life-forms on the third planet from the Sun.

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