Friday, April 12, 2013

Wet Wellies

After a few days of dry weather I had been dog-walking in old trainers but my wellies remained right outside the front door. Today it had been very wet over-night and was a definite welly day. As I placed the first one on I had that unmistakable sense of deja vu for the days when I used to go caving occasionally. A slightly leaky downpipe had filled my wellies with water.

Now once upon a day my reaction would have been to tip the water out. In fact I was taught that would be an an error. If cavers are unlucky they get very wet. Normally all cavers are unlucky. (That joke © a caving instructor in about 1980something and I doubt he wrote it).

If you tip the water out and then go into a cave where your wellies are constantly being refilled, you end up with freezing water around your toes all the time. And be sure, cave water is very cold at all times of year.

So if you find your wellies are full of water, put them on. Within about 30 seconds you will have warm water around your toes. When you get home tip any remaining water out, put your socks in the wash and rejoice at your warm toes. Trust me; it works.

That will be 20 guineas. Good morning.


Marcella said...

Depends if water is all that's in them - I wouldn't want to risk drowned spiders, slimy leaves, slugs...urgh.

Rachel said...

When I have had to put on wet trainers I have run a hot tap of water into them first. Makes them a joy to put on as long as you are doing something that gets them wetter anyway.