Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Easter Tuesday

We take a break from getting back to work - I say take a break; I mean avoid - to bring you some news. The three causes of choice at Waitrose, into one of which I deposit my little green plastic token to select a charity, are renewed monthly. This adds a frisson of small-town excitement to food shopping at the start of each month.

Popping into town just now to get mother-in-law's Daily Tel****ph and some of the lovely Colin's fresh bread ('Haven't seen you for a few weeks sir, how are you? Can't train that can you?), I had a green token to deposit.

Now I give my vote in this general order:

1. People/poverty needs
2. People/entertainment needs
3. Animals

So the Parkinson's Disease support group got the vote today.

But I was distracted by this one first:

The Alchemy Trampoline and DMT Club

I now find it is a genuine local gymnastic association. You can find out about it here if you want.

But for a while I wondered if bouncing had been discovered to be the key to the creation of gold or whether, given the renowned properties of tryptamines, it was just that someone had entertained the idea whilst high. A little general knowledge, a slightly misspent youth and a lively imagination is a dangerous thing.

Good morning.

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