Sunday, April 07, 2013

Big Blogger

St: Hi BB. You been there long?

BB: You don't seem yourself at the moment?

St: Say more.


Sorry. Silly of me. Well to tell the truth I am a bit drained.

BB: Don't you normally tell the truth?

St: It's just an expression.

BB: Unlike you to waste words.

St: True. I've not been myself recently. Damn.

BB: Damn?

St: Yeah. You're always convincing me you're not going to pull the football away and then you do.

BB: Sorry Charlie.

St: Think that reference will be lost on most of my readers?

BB: I think it will be lost on both of them.

St: Good put down.

BB: So, you let me make you own up. Like you always do. What's the problem?

St: I'm not really sure. Good things are happening but more of them will happen if I do more. But I am struggling to do more because if I do more I leave myself drained by too much inter-action.

BB: So don't do more.

St: You make it sound so easy. Don't you have a conscience?


I know. I know.

BB: You need to eat a slug.

St: That is the best advice you've ever given me. I do. Tomorrow I will dice 'more' up very thinly and eat a small slice of it. Thanks.

BB: Usual fee?

St: How much do I owe you?

BB: Everything.

Big Blogger is a figment of St's imagination who turns up and gives him a helpful grilling every now and again.

BB: Who are you calling a figment?

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