Friday, March 22, 2013


I probably follow too much the devices and desires of my own heart but this post is the first one on a desired device. Yes dear readers, Mrs T and I have joined the world of hand-held, portable device owners. I think, for me, I am not an early adopter but neither am I last in. The thing what flipped me from want to need was the amount of paper I needed to print off and take to the Church Council meeting last Monday. We had one discussion which required us to be armed with a thirty-five page booklet of diocesan guidelines. Whilst I am usually pretty content to leave details to others who are more interested in chasing down intricacies, on this occasion I felt left out. So when Mrs T announced that her company was going to take four weeks to purchase her a new laptop and set it up in order for her to be able to do her job she said she was going to get an iPad. It seems a bit daft to have to spend almost your entire week's wages on a machine to enable you to do your job but I am an interested observer of her working life and don't get involved at that level or I'd go madder. So anyway, to cut a long story by a very small amount, I told her to get two. So here we are. Fun aren't they?

Enjoying the battle between Apple and Google spell-checkers on how to spell iPad. I can either have it underlined in red or highlighted in yellow, until I press 'ignore' twice.

Also finding it hard to label posts. Something glitchy going on there.

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'Stuff the business requirements. You do it our way.' IT.