Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Coffee shop

I always found the sort of people who sat in the corner of coffee shops writing, to be very interesting. I am normally in coffee shops in conversation with other people but today I am alone and waiting for my company.

But when with company I'd wonder what the writers were up to. Freelance journalists? Authors developing characters by watching people pass by? Crazy scientists putting the world to rights? Who knows?

And in fact wondering what others are up to is what gets me going. Who are all these people? Why are they here (beyond coffee)? And why, given the small size of my town, have I never seen any of them before?

Actually, just as I typed that, someone came up to me and said hello so I do know at least one.

I'm also aware that I greeted someone on the way in who is no longer here but I chose not to sit by as I was meeting someone. But could have because the someone was late. Coffee shop etiquette. How complex it is.

Anyway not very interesting but I passed the time. Feel free to heckle.

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