Friday, February 15, 2013

Living Life the Right Way Round

Mrs T tells me that some research she just heard reported on Radio 4 Today said that if men fidget in an interview it is seen as a good thing but if women do it will jeopardise their possibility of being employed. Hard to work out why that might be and what deep-rooted prejudice that is tapping in to.

I may have been blessed with a genetic tendency to fidget. I also like interviews and interviewing. One to one conversations with an audience are a great way of teasing out truth and entertaining at the same time.

I also had an ability to pass exams at a higher level than I achieved at coursework without ever understanding my subject or caring about it. Lucky me.

I applauded the changes in education over the 1990s and 2000s, anticipating Google almost, that taught people how to learn rather than what to learn. The tendency to revert that Michael Gove is bringing in is disappointing. You learn facts and figures from pub quizzes these days. I know the kings of England from 1603 - 1688 because of A level history in 1973 but cannot hold a long discussion about the significance of those eras.

I have had to learn how to learn and which learning style best suits me since leaving school. School was hopeless at getting me to be enthusiastic about my subjects. I now love maths, physical geography, economics, philosophy, theology, English language and literature and think I would enjoy doing a GCSE or A level (again) in any of those.

You understand your life backwards but have to live it forwards.

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