Thursday, January 24, 2013


No messages. I've been out of the house for four hours on a work day and there are no messages when I get back. A moment please. Thank you.

The first few years in this job 1984-1992 would have seen at least three or maybe more mesages on the answerphone (not called voicemail in those days) if I had vacated my study for any length of time.

Non-intrusive communication of messaging, email, tweets and texts has come along and, wait for it, made life easier. Moments spent in the dentist's waiting room, as I have just done, can be used to reply to messages rather than them stacking up for my return home. A quick question can be answered as I walk down the street.

And that is good. We get uptight about our email inbox and our spam but forget to get pleased about what has got better. Life has. Just a bit. Rejoice.

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