Friday, December 14, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

Bit late for a film review of this but I missed it at the cinema and just bought the box set of all three Nolan Batman films. I really liked the first two and love Christopher Nolan's work so had high hopes. Also, the reviews were good - Roger Ebert 3/4, Empire Magazine 5/5 for instance.

I thought it sucked. It was too long, I didn't engage with many of the characters and I felt the villain Bane's mask made him look like Darth Vadar but with a silly voice. Batman has the Vadar voice in this trilogy.

The whole story failed to grab me or convince me and I longed for it to end.

I think I am too old for endless CGI sequences that seem more like computer gaming than a movie.

Horrid, apart from Michael Caine's Alfred and a good opening plane hijack sequence.

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