Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Raw Shark Texts

Author: Steven Hall
Published: Canongate 2007
(May still be available for £2 in Fopp!)

The narrator wakes up in a strange place and can't recall anything of his previous life. He finds that this has happened before and his pre-event self has left him notes and clues. His psychiatrist warns him not to read them.

Not many books tagged 'The most original reading experince of the year' are. This one is. Sometimes a film director puts a strangeness into a movie and invites the viewer to live with it until it is later explained. This book is 99% strangeness and 1% explanation. You will feel you know where it is leading and you will eventually want to get there. It will. The author will hold you very close on the journey. Brilliantly done and amazingly satisfying.

The writing style will develop. He may have no better idea than this for a plot though. If he does I want to read it.

No wonder Film 4 captioned it, as Mark Haddon (no less) says on the jacket:

The Matrix meets Jaws

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