Saturday, March 31, 2012

Stupid Questions

When I helped run a summer houseparty for teenagers we were fortunate enough, for ten years, to hire Ellesmere College in Shropshire. Amongst its many fine facilities the school boasted a nine hole, par three golf course. They asked us to make sure our members did no harm to the course (which was good but not great) and so we invented a test question which, if failed, meant that members could only play under supervision. The question was this:

Which club should you use on the greens?

This week I heard, as many of you may have done, of a woman burned badly whilst transferring petrol from one container to another in a kitchen where the cooker was on.

Whilst wishing the unfortunate lady concerned a swift recovery from her nasty injuries I was wondering this week if we ought to have a test question for anyone wishing to purchase petrol to put in anything other than a vehicle's tank. How about:

Name one thing that may cause petrol to burn?

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RuthJ said...

Or maybe a test question for politicians before we elect them:

Have you cut your milk teeth yet?