Thursday, January 19, 2012

Important information from Royal Mail

Along with many people in 'my area' I am going to have changes to my Royal Mail service. A letter, from Plymouth so I don't know quite how big 'my area' is, explains why these changes are necessary.

These changes are necessary to give best value, invest in modern equipment and stop Royal Mail personnel getting a hernia from their heavy bags. Apparently it has not occurred to Glynn Lane, Delivery Sector Manager for the Nailsea area, that I might expect these things to happen as a matter of course.

Still, we get to heading three, 'What this means for you.' I quote in full:

  • We will continue to deliver in the morning and for a longer period during the day. Many customers will continue to get their mail by lunchtime.
  • The time you receive your mail will depend on where you are on the new delivery route. This may be later or possibly earlier than you are used to.
  • As I am sure you understand, when mail volumes vary, I may need to adjust delivery arrangements and time.
He finishes:

'These changes may mean a different postman or woman ... will deliver to you...'

May I summarise Glynn's letter for the hard-of-understanding:

As a result of us doing what you would expect us to do we may deliver your post earlier, at the same time or later in future. In busy times your post may be late. This delivery may be carried out by the same, or different, personnel to those you are used to.

Gee thanks. Load off my mind Glynn.


Ray Barnes said...

Plus ca change, plus c'est le meme chose.!

RuthJ said...

From what I observed today (which may not be typical) the Big Difference is that the mail is being delivered by van rather than by bike. No eco-conscience, then.