Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Apologies but, inspired by Harry Baker, I have had an outbreak of appalling haiku puns. Here they are so far:

The mountain ruler
Removed by people power
It was a high coup

Remember Miss Stark?
Prince Andrew entered the room
And he said 'Hi Koo.'

Many people wait
I arrive to join them all
And so I queue

Noise like a pigeon
I can do that sound quite well
It is when I coo

I wanted a walk
She suggested a long one
But I said 'Hike, oo.'
Latter day prophet
I think you are quite bonkers
You David Icke you
Geordie snooker star
Gives reasons for his talent
That is why aye cue

1 comment:

Ian (Youthblog) said...

Steve Tilley mixes
Form and pun for fun
A well high I.Q