Thursday, October 20, 2011

Stuff to Read

Three interesting 'easy' novels from my recent holiday:

David Sedaris
Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk
Pretty animal stories of the fireside, woodland and pasture, partially anthropomorphised. Like your comedy black? This is goth. It's a jungle out there.

Robert Harris
The Fear Index
A very bad day in the life of the inventor of an algorithmic hedge fund programme. Currencies crash, governments change, he gets burgled and followed and everyone is very suspicious as to why he keeps making money as everyone else loses. In fact he can't seem to stop himself getting richer.

Chris Brookmyre
Where The Bodies Are Buried
I'm always disappointed when a book is described as 'a new departure' in the author's writing. If it wasn't broke etc. Why did Christopher Brookmyre become Chris? So let's all relax. It's not quite so black but is it dark. The plot is believable - this is a new departure. It's not very funny and has fewer social and political comments along the way. It is very good.

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