Thursday, October 27, 2011


Can you imagine a book, the length of a novel, where every sentence is a question? Would you find such a book a curiosity or an annoyance? Have you heard of Padgett Powell's book The Interrogative Mood - A Novel?? Do those two question marks in a row, one in italics and one not, annoy you, or does the first, as part of the title, indicate that this may not be a novel quite like any other you have read? How do you respond to the review on the jacket saying, 'This book will sear the unlucky volumes shelved on either side of it'? Does it alter your opinion at all that this was said by Jonathan Safran Foer? Do you have an opinion about yellow trousers? Does it depend on age? Or gender? Or something else? Might this review give you a taste of what the book is like better than actually reviewing it? Or am I messing with you? Do you find it interesting that there was no title on the original jacket front so Waterstone's added a sticker which did not have the title on either? Does lemonade do it for you? Which limb (either arm or either leg) would you lose if you had to lose one? Will you let me know?

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