Thursday, October 06, 2011

Beer, Bible and Big Pizza

Yesterday I was a bit depressed. The men's event I had been planning and looking forward to for some time had not produced much interest. I offered a prayer that, in order to give us reasonable numbers and atmosphere, one man might book in every two hours for the next thirty hours.

We are on target for this. So far we have 23 plus a panel of 4 making 27 coming tonight. It will feel good with this number. Thanks be to God.

I'm off to buy beer and order pizza. Tough job this.

Did you put the word 'big' in front of pizza merely to improve the alliteration?


Will the pizzas actually be big?


Do I have to drink beer if I don't like it?

No. I will get some juice and wine.

Is it too late to say I am coming?


Will I have to talk about the Bible?

No, a panel of three men will be my guests to do this? Audience comments will be welcome but not compulsory.


RuthJ said...

Explain to me how 'big' and 'pizza' alliterate.

Rich R said...

erm.....Beer, Bible, and Big all start with the letter "B" - does that help?!

Steve - keep up the good work. We have a friend in common - I was a student at St Martins in Lancaster while Mike P was the chaplain there, a great guy. I've been reading your blog for a while, and it's great! The CPAS stuff has been a big help to me as a youthworker in Liverpool too, so keep going please and ignore any negative anonymous comments!