Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Music List - Albums Y

In the prog rock camp at school we divided into Yes fans and Genesis fans. With forty years of reflection I now suggest that Yes were the better musicians but Peter Gabriel's Genesis the better lyricists. Both were a bit Lower Sixth (a Roger Waters' expression). Mrs WWA and I made the decision to begin a relationship whilst listening to Genesis' Cinema Show. If I ever get hold of permission to play a church organ Rick Wakeman's work on Parallels will be my gold standard.

Yazoo 1983 (V) You and Me Both

Yeasayer 2007 (CD) All Hour Cymbals

2010 (CD) Odd Blood

Yes 1971 (V) The Yes Album

1971 (V) Fragile

1975 (V) Yesterdays

1977 (V) Going for the One

Neil Young 1989 (V) Freedom

The Young Knives 2006 (CD) Voices of Animals and Men

Tom Yorke 2006 (CD) The Eraser

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