Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nice Review of Mustard Seed Shavings

Just received this book review from REFORM magazine:

Steve Tilley sets out to write a book on the implications of living life as a Christian – the book that he wished he could have read when he first became a Christian. The chapters roughly follow the themes of the 10 commandments, reflecting on issues of life that crop up, and how to deal with them.

The book begins with advice for all seeking to know “the Lord your God” through listening and questioning, but with the reminder that we shall never know everything about God. On the subject of idols, Tilley challenges the reader not to be an idolater, but instead be an idol, whereby our lives point others to God. In the following chapters: unwholesome talk, taking time to enjoy God’s world and honouring others (including our parents) is dealt with. On the topic of murder, Tilley challenges the reader to take stock and deal with whatever form of violence is present in his or her life.

The following chapter, titled “Sexy Stuff”, succinctly and helpfully covers the issues surrounding the gift of sexuality within our relationships, including his opinion on the limits of what is appropriate for it to be Godly. This leads to two remaining chapters which feature discussions on true honesty: where mercy, grace, loyalty and honour get a look in as we follow the way, the truth and the life.

Tilley is probably correct in his conclusion that he has provoked more questions than he has answered, and this is largely due to the numerous issues covered. However, I think that is the sign of a good author who is happy to give readers some pointers and then leave them thinking for themselves, with discussion questions added for that purpose. So, although not a biblical or scholarly look at the 10 commandments, there is meat here in this little book that will make you think, whether you are a new Christian or someone who wants to think again about living
out faith today.

Catey Morrison is a United Reformed Church
minister for the East Cleveland Group of churches in North Yorkshire


Caroline Too said...

oooh, not biblical, st!? ...or not Reform's understanding of biblical?

St said...

Or is it the magazine of the United Reformed Church?