Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Music List - A

I don't know if you have ever put off a job and watched it get bigger and bigger. Most of us have. The Italian government has been doing it for so long that it now would have to hand over all the money its country generated for over a year simply to remove its debt.

I learned a cure once and try to implement it when things get occasionally out of hand. Got a big filing pile? From today onwards put all your paper away properly and file one other piece each time.

Got an out-of-hand filing cabinet? Every time you put a piece of paper in it, throw two out.

Somehow large jobs make us feel as if we can only tackle them in one. It's a lie.

A couple of years ago I realised that using labels on my blog posts would be useful and I should have been doing it from the outset. I labelled every post doing 25 a day for a few weeks.

I have another similar job to start on. Since 1977 I have kept a list of the music Mrs W (The Water Walker's Apprentice's Wife - soon to be a major new novel by...) and I own. I allocated a few pages of a hard-backed notebook to each letter of the alphabet - entirely failing to imagine that there would one day be a magazine called Q which gave away free CDs - and wrote each acquisition in there.

Today 18 of the 26 letters say 'Continued at back.' And at the back the alphabetical order goes potty because they are continued in the order they ran out of space.

For those who care about this sort of thing that order was Q, D, G, J, E, R, B, M,  C, P, S, L, Y, A, F, H, O, T.

It means that entering a new CD or download now involves a convoluted search through an allegedly alphabetical order to find the right page. No more. It's going digital at the rate of one letter every two days - first singles, then albums.

Guess what? I'm going to be sharing it with you. I have no sense of shame (some really bad ones will be along) and will not feel humiliated if you find it necessary to comment. Here is yesterday's list. All my singles beginning with A:

V= vinyl
VT = vinyl 12 inch

ABC 1982 (V) The Look of Love

1982 (V) Poison Arrow

Richard Ace 1978 (V) Stayin' Alive

Adam and the Ants 1980 (V) Ant Music

1981 (V) Ant Rap

1981 (V) Stand and Deliver

Bryan Adams 1984 (V) Run To You

Adamski 1990 (V) Killer

After the Fire 1982 (V) Der Kommisar

A-ha 1985 (V) Take on Me

Alarm 1983 (V) 68 Guns

1987 (V) Rain in the Summertime

Alice Cooper 1972 (V) School's Out

1973 (V) Teenage Lament 74

1973 (V) Hello Hurray

Allman Brothers Band 1973 (V) Jessica

Alphaville 1984 (VT) Big in Japan

America 1972 (V) Ventura Highway

Artists United against Apartheid 1985 (V) Sun City

Art of Noise 1984 (VT) Close Up

Atlanta Rhythm Section 1979 (V) Spooky

Atomic Rooster 1972 (V) Devil's Answer/Tomorrow Night

Auteurs 1993 (V) She Might Take a Train

Automatic Man 1976 (V) My Pearl

Average White Band 1974 (V) Pick up the Pieces

1975 (V) Cut the Cake


Anonymous said...

I'm doing somthing similar with my recipe collection index which was started in an A5 ring binder (I could add extra pages) and sorted by type of dish, indicating which book it was found in. However I got lax about it and it ceased to be useful as the recipes I use now aren't in it and a lot of what was there has been superceded.
I'm redoing some old ones each time I add a new one, but Oh, it does take a long time.

RuthJ said...

Why does Poison begin with A?

Alex Hobson said...

Love it - looking forward to the rest of the list. You going to do albums as well?

St said...

Yes Alex. 52 days worth of fun.

Ruth, Poison Arrow is the second of my singles by ABC. Try to keep up.