Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Music List - U

I would like to say that, whilst taking personal responsibility for most of the humiliating content of my music collection, Uncle Bruce's vinyl story came to me by marriage. I remind everyone this is two people's collection:

UB40 1980 (V) Food for Thought / King
1983 (V) Please Don't Make Me Cry
U.F.O. 1979 (V) Doctor, Doctor
Ultravox 1983 (V) We Came to Dance
1984 (V) One Small Day
1984 (VT) Dancing with Tears in My Eyes
Uncle Bruce 1969 (V) Sinbad the Sailor
Untouchables 1984 (V) Free Yourself
Midge Ure 1982 (V) No Regrets
U.S.A. Africa 1985 (VT) We Are the World

1 comment:

Greenpatches said...

I feel your pain. When the beloved endowed me with all his worldly goods, many years ago, these included one 7 " single by a certain Mr Kevin Keegan. What can you say?