Saturday, August 20, 2011

Music List - R

For many years Babylon's Burning was my go-to single for an instant hit of energy and excitement. A year or two into the punk era and a well-crafted song with snarling vocal but great musicianship hit the airwaves. I loved it. Notice too the way all good, angry songs should end - four chopped chords. Then, after a while, I had played it too much and it lost its edge. I wouldn't take it to my desert island any more but playing it once a year or so is thrilling. It's on YouTube here.

That and the rest of the Rs:

Rah Band 1980 (V) Falcon

Rattles 1970 (V) The Witch

Real Thing 1978 (V) Rainin' Through My Sunshine

Reflex 1983 (V) The Politics of Dancing

Rich Kids 1978 (V) Rich Kids

Cliff Richard 1979 (V) We Don't Talk Anymore

1982 (V) Little Town

1982 (V) Where Do We Go from Here

Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers

1977 (V) Egyptian Reggae

B.A.Robertson 1979 (V) Knocked It Off

Rolling Stones 1968 (V) Jumpin' jack Flash

1969 (V) Honky Tonk Woman

1971 (V) Little Queenie

1976 (V) Fool to Cry

Tom Robinson 1977 (V) 2-4-6-8 Motorway

Roxy Music 1972 (V) Virginia Plain

1973 (V) Pyjamarama

1974 (V) All I Want is You

Rubettes 1976 (V) You're the Reason Why

Rubinoos 1977 (V) Hard to Get

Rufus 1974 (V) Once You Get Started

Rufus and Chaka Khan 1983 (V) Ain't Nobody

The Ruts 1979 (V) Babylon's Burning

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