Friday, August 12, 2011

Music List - J

We reach the letter J in the recorded archives of WWA. If there was a desert island with introductions as the criteria then 'Jane' would be in my top eight.

Joe Jackson 1980 (VT) The Harder They Come

Michael Jackson 1982 (V) Billy Jean

1983 (V) Thriller

Jacksons 1977 (V) Goin' Places

1984 (V) State of Shock

The Jags 1979 (V) Back of My Hand

The Jam 1978 (V) News of the World

1980 (V) That's Entertainment / Down in the Tube Station at Midnight

1982 (V) Beat Surrender

Jean Michel Jarre 1978 (V) Equinoxe Part 5

Jefferson Starship 1976 (V) With Your Love

1979 (V) Jane

Jellybean 1987 (V) Jingo

Jethro Tull 1969 (V) Teacher

1969 (V) Living in the Past

Jimmy the Hoover 1983 (V) Tantalise

Joboxers 1983 (V) Just Got Lucky

Billy Joel 1980 (V) All for Leyna

Jilted John 1978 (V) Jilted John

Johnny Hates Jazz 1988 (V) Heart of Gold

Jo Jo Gunne 1972 (V) Run, Run, Run

Howard Jones 1984 (VT) Like to Get to Know You Well

Quincy Jones 1978 (V) Stuff Like That

1 comment:

jw said...

Back of my hand - gave it its world exclusive first ever airplay and therefore claim responsibility for its success. Not the best single in the world though.