Monday, August 08, 2011

Music List - F

Candidates for desert island so far would include the Belle Stars and Ian Dury's Reasons to be Cheerful. From today's list I love Stay with Me. In 1972 I was at a festival, aged 17 and a day. I was knackered and went to bed before the Faces came on about midnight. As the opening bars of the first song, yes Stay with Me, blasted out, I lost my tiredness and got back up to dance in a field. Hippy days. So, singles from my collection begining with F:

Faces 1971 (V) Stay with Me

1973 (V) Pool Hall Richard

Andy Fairweather-Low 1974 (V) Reggae Tune

Faith Brothers 1985 (V) Country of the Blind (two record set)

Fat and Frantic 1991 (V) Brian

Five Star 1986 (V) Rain of Shine

1988 (V) Rock My World

Fleetwood Mac 1968 (V) Albatross

The Flying Lizards 1978 (V) Summertime Blues

The Flys 1977 (V) Love and a Molotov Cocktail

Foreigner 1984 (V) I Want to Know What Love Is

The Foundations 1968 (V) Build Me Up Buttercup

Four Seasons 1976 (V) Who Loves You

Focus 1971 (V) Tommy

Fox 1976 (V) S-S-S-Single Bed

Frankie Goes to Hollywood 1983 (VT) Relax

1984 (V) Two Tribes

1985 (V) Welcome to the Pleasuredome

Free 1970,71,72 (V)All Right Now / Wishing Well / My Brother Jake (EP)

Frijid Pink 1970 (V) House of the Rising Sun

Fun Lovin' Criminals 2000 (CD) Loco


jw said...

Cracking segue of a series WWA. Something to comment on in each letter. F - how does anyone who knows Stay With Me is coming on live sometime in the next hour and a half choose to go to bed?

St said...

It was 1972. Stay with Me was still very new.

Mike Peatman said...

Single Bed by Foxx. I'd forgotten that one. One of 10CC mimed guitar when they were on Top of the Pops. Thins I'm Mandy Fly Me was in the charts.

Also, I once played support for Fat & Frantic